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Mycelium MEDIA Platform

Megion R&D develops an ultra low power hardware and software platform: Mycelium MEDIA. The platform offers a wide range of possibilities such as

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

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The latest development of Megion R&D is the Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet. With the Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet bitcoins can be sent and received using a mobile phone. The user has 100% control over his private keys, they never leave his device unless he exports them. Due to the redundant backend systems the Mycelium Wallet has superior performance: no block chain download, install and run in seconds. The Mycelium Wallet supports importing your own private keys as well as watch-only addresses. That makes Mycelium Wallet a perfect companion for your paper backups.

Exporting to SD card is easy, as explained in the video.

Download the Mycelium Wallet to your smartphone today from Google Play.

Mycelium Payment System

Mycelium Payment System is an easy way for merchants to become a local hub for Bitcoin. It enables the merchant to accept bitcoins for his goods and services as a payment mechanism without taking any risk. The merchant can specify payments in his local currency and they will be credited with exactly that amount to his account. The merchant can accept bitcoins with zero confirmations and not worry about it. Conversion between bitcoins to fiat currency is handled by Mycelium´s backend system seamlessly. The merchant can even buy and sell bitcoins from and to his customers and specify how much profit he wants to make. Mycelium´s backend systems make the connection to the Bitcoin network instantly and seamlessly.


Bitcoincard (see takes the smart card technology to the limit by integrating a wireless transceiver, a display and a keypad in a product the size of a credit card. Built upon the Mycelium MEDIA platform (see above), the product enables its users to pay in bitcoins and to order goods and services. The card uses a flexible PCB, a flexible display and a flexible accumulator. Its power budget is extremely low, allowing it to be powered by a solar panel in office conditions.


The project provides a location system which is based on an own integrated circuit and enables to identify approximate location of mobile targets within a predefined area (indoor or outdoor). The characteristics of Affinity are: